Celebrate Dining makes it to Facebook Studio!
Marketing campaigns should be grounded in social insights & conversations. Facebook Studio acknowledges the agencies & brands that are pioneering this shift.

A Facebook contest that invites you to create a list of your favorite restaurants, share your list with friends for votes, and win exciting prizes is you get the maximum votes. Sound exciting?

Sure it was and we are extremely happy that that our campaign is inducted to Facebook Studio, a prestigious gallery which showcases some of the most innovative and creative marketing initiatives on Facebook.Facebook Studio

We created and managed the Celebrate Dining Facebook campaign for American Express India from February 16 – March 15, 2012. We launched the campaign to create social media buzz for the brand and increase community engagement for American Express India. The underlying objective was to create awareness for the brand’s Selects Restaurants and promote them by creating surround sound around it through content and engagement.

It indeed was a challenging project for us, and we were thrilled when the contest saw some very exciting numbers and gave a huge boost to the existing Facebook fan base of our client. It further generated interest in American Express’s offerings, and also created an aspirational value around the brand. As a Significant as it is, it is heartening to see American Express, absolutely convinced and eager on using social media innovatively to better engage its existing customer base, and continuously expand it with new acquisitions.

For us to align with the goals of the client and being able to influence their decisions with powerful results is indeed a big achievement. A bouquet for us from Facebook Studio has furthered strengthened our foothold, and as we move ahead in our efforts to “Enable Digital’, we are more confident in our approach and story and fairly comfortable on our path.