The fashion industry has witnessed a revolution after the emergence of social media.

When I was a teenager, convincing my parents to get the beautiful dress that the mannequin in the shop window wore was nothing less than an achievement; I was completely unaware of what was chic or what was trending in the world of fashion. Cut to the present. Thanks to the power of social media, youngsters know exactly what to wear for what occasion and how to purchase it.

Fashion and social media is definitely one of the most sought-after collaborations in the modern age. The variety of social media platforms bring fashion inspiration at one’s fingertips.

If a top designer is presenting his collection on the runway, you can watch the show from the comfort of your home, as it is live streamed on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Who would have imagined that glitzy, star-studded fashion events could be so easily accessible?

Designers too have begun reaping dividends from the access that social media has provided them. Once upon a time, the average consumers would find it difficult to get their hands on runway pieces from around the globe. With the concept of fast fashion today we can see apparels, shoes, and accessories from top fashion houses on the go. The glamorous world that once seemed elusive is easily accessible now. In fact, one should not be amazed if the entire fashion paradigm changes in the next couple of years.

Social media has democratized fashion and shopping – different styles, different prices, specialized styles, and customized accessories are now accessible to the masses. ‘All for one’ and ‘one for all’ is just not the option today. Almost everything that you see on the screen can be bought instantly. With apps such as Shopstyle, Depop, The Hunt, Stylect, Mallzee, everyone is capable of crafting their own niche in fashion.

Instagram and Pinterest are two social media platforms which are flooded with fashion influencers. Consumers no longer wait for Vogue or Grazia to tell them what’s in this season. Most of the style tips and hacks are presented easily on mobile screen by the fashionistas whom the followers consider nothing less than Greek gods; they go on making a difference to everyone’s style statement. Seeing the people we look up to wearing a particular brand outfit or associating with a product is like a vote of admiration, trust and confidence in that brand.

Fashion today is more than just a thing of the present; ‘fashion forward’ is what people are looking for today, all thanks to social media. Check out our work with the Luxury League, a global foundation, founded by the acclaimed international fashion designer, Ms Ritu Beri to promote the concept of responsible luxury that connects artisans and crafts people to the world of global fashion and to create an environment conducive to creative thinking.

Chandrika Das

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