The digital space behaves very differently from our real lives, especially when it comes to Freedom of Speech and lately, we have witnessed how silence is also perceived as a danger in the space. Facebook has been at the receiving end of criticism for a while for not being able to combat hate speech. However, this backlash has now translated into revolt which is directly affecting its bottom line. Facebook has been making around $70 billion revenue through ads and with the recent “Stop Hate for Profit” campaign against it, this mammoth revenue is in grave danger with the brands pulling out their ad spends to join the cause.

The “Stop Hate For Profit” campaign has been accelerating quickly with large brands such as Unilever, Verizon, Adidas, Microsoft, Ford and many more deciding to stop using the platform for promotion and ads. This campaign is not only limited to Facebook but other social networks such as Twitter, YouTube and Reddit. It is important to note the demands behind it. There is a 10-point outline demand expected from the networks and all of it basically touch upon 2 key asks – to monitor and disallow hateful content on the platform and to stop the promotion of hateful content and misinformation. In layman terms in the field of digital marketing, it simply translates into social listening and monitoring.

Brands have always been vary of negative remarks against themselves, be it on any social network and even on e-commerce websites. Positive comments and reviews not only improve the ratings of the brands digitally but also assists in improving visibility. With the social rights movement gaining so much prominence in the sphere, it furthermore becomes important to track and monitor conversations and to inhibit negative propagation of ideas.

We, at Digiqom, specialize on this front and provide a 360-degree monitoring of social media activities. Our Social Listening suite, monitors the web for troll attacks, and immediately flag off unwarranted comments which have the potential to harm your business. Our Crisis Management fire drills enable organisations to equip themselves better to handle social media censure and help spark off positive conversations mitigating the negative impact.

Social Media is, at the end of the day, a public square, and all platforms must make sure they ensure they transparently follow a universal code of acceptable human conduct, even if business gains are compromised.

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