Susheela, 73 (*name changed*) was thrown out of her home by her family because they didn’t want to look after her. After weeks of wandering on the streets, hungry and exhausted, the old woman was taken in by a Delhi-based NGO. She is happy and cared for at her new home and has found plenty of friends like herself.

 Maheshwar, 65 (*name changed*) was sent away to a home for the elderly when his son migrated to Australia with his family. Initially, Maheshwar would miss his son and wish he would come visit but over the years, he has settled into his new space. His memories keep him company.

When you are celebrating with your families this festive season, spare a thought for women and men like Susheela and Maheshwar, who have been abandoned by their families and now live in old age homes and shelters across India. The holiday season can be a lonely time for the elderly and you can make their Christmas and New Year memorable. It doesn’t take much. Just a bit of time, resources and a loving heart. Partner with Digiqom and make it special for them. Click on these links to donate.

Dignity Foundation

Earth Saviours

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