Sometimes, things don’t always go as planned. It’s called Life. Or maybe it’s called the novel coronavirus that has, literally, brought the world to its knees and thrown all our best laid plans off gear!

As countries have gone into lockdown, people have been forced to work from home, engaging in social distancing when they go out for groceries, essentials or doctor’s visits every now and then. One is more dependent on digital technology now than ever before to live, work and even play. We are spending most of our time online to connect, work, shop and entertain ourselves. And while that is keeping us safe (hopefully) from the deadly virus, is it protecting our mental health and well-being? Bingeing (on Netflix or Hotstar and other OTT platforms) till the crack of dawn, looking at inane and often dangerous viral challenges on Instagram and getting (mis) information online is possibly as harmful as going out to the mall and rubbing shoulders with infected people.

So what does one do to keep healthy and sane during the lockdown?

  • Use digital constructively. This might not be the time to binge-watch that science fiction series you’ve been planning to watch for a while. Take back control. Instead of using the digital medium passively to view, scroll and swipe, use it to help you do things you want to. Make schedules, talk to colleagues and friends and make plans for the future. Remember, this pandemic will not last forever but you would have built a healthy routine that will help you for the rest of your life.
  • Use digital to work on relationships. The lockdown might force us to stay indoors and not meet people. But how about using it to nurture relationships online? Share news, chat online with your friends and extend a helping hand to those who are not that digitally savvy. Like helping an elderly neighbour to order his groceries online. Use this opportunity to build relationships, not drift from them further.
  • Use digital smartly. Use apps to get information about diet, food, exercise so that you can take care of your body when you are indoors. Morning walks at the neighbourhood park might be a thing of the past but you can use fitness trackers to exercise creatively indoors. Or even take up a fitness or yoga course on YouTube. Read more books, listen to podcasts or music. Take up a course online. In short, look after your mind and body. Stay away from fake news, conspiracy theories and rumours.

Would love to hear about any other tips that has worked for you. Write in to us.

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