With Artificial Intelligence changing the face of Human Resources across the world, could recruitment chatbots and AI driven tools be the new reality in India?

In recent years, companies such as Genpact, Mindtree and RBS India among others have been using AI tools in recruitment. India is slowly but surely waking up to the power of AI in the hiring landscape.

According to a study by talent assessment firm Mercer Mettl, Indian companies using Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and AI tools have registered a 69% success rate. The use of these tools has also helped reduce the average hiring time by almost a week.

AI-based software have played a significant role in demystifying the recruitment process, helping employers track applications from recruiter databases, find the candidates that are a best fit and speed up shortlisting of candidates. AI can also collect data for recruiters and help in assessing the skills and experience of candidates saving a lot of time and money as huge amounts of data can be analysed in seconds. Some examples of AI driven tools in recruitment and talent acquisition are Arya, Mya, Paradox Olivia.

The decisions taken by AI tools are unbiased, which allows the company to hire only the best candidates based upon their real potential. However, the lack of human judgement in recruitment bots is a grey area. This means that it is difficult to analyse an individual’s character, work ethic or personality by the machines. Empathy, a valuable human trait, is missing in a machine. In addition, AI is dependent on keywords. Dishonest candidates could trick the classifier by using specific phrases or keywords.

While companies should use AI to do away with the repetitive, manual processes in HR and recruitment, there is no way the human element can be done away with completely. Both humans and machines can and should complement each other for the best results.

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