We’ve all heard the saying ~ Everyone loves a good laugh. Cliched perhaps but true nonetheless.

Humour is possibly one of the best ways to connect to people and brands, in recent years, are waking up to the power of humour. If done right, humour can be a powerful tool that helps brands develop a voice, heart and connect with communities in a positive way. Younger audiences, millennials and Gen X-ers relate to lighter, funnier updates. Humorous content is more likely to be shared on social media than any other kind. The reason why memes and witty videos have become so popular of late.

There are a few things brands need to keep in mind when trying to use humour to engage with their audiences and grow their following online. Humour should always be in good taste – anything vicious or destructive, racial and gender attacks are a big no-no. Not only do you lose respect among your audiences, you may also invite negative publicity and attacks from trolls. There are instances of brands having had to pull down posts because of all the negative publicity it generated online.

Brands such as Zomato, Swiggy, Netflix and Durex among others have been making clever use of humour to engage with their audiences online. Police departments such as the Pune Police and Bengaluru Police, for instance, have also been using humour very effectively to connect with audiences and spread awareness on road safety issues. Take the case of this recent tweet of theirs pulling up a scooterist for having a fancy but illegal number plate on his vehicle.

Can you think of any other brands that have been doing humour well? Share here with us.

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