The digital revolution has touched many lives and while the common perception is that youngsters take to technology like a duck to water, a growing number of senior citizens in India have been using social media and a plethora of mobile apps to improve the quality of their lives and connections.

As per HelpAge India’s annual report, by 2050, the number of India’s senior citizens will be to equal its under-18 population. The former has significant potential to constitute an entirely new customer base. The segment comprises over 110 million senior citizens with a literacy rate of 44%, and the penetration of mobile phones and internet access in this segment has been growing.As the report shows, more than 90% of elderly internet users utilise social media platforms primarily to connect with familyand friends.

Senior citizens are using social media platforms in growing numbers. It has taken off especially among 65 to 74-year-olds in recent years and unlike the younger generation who use social media to kill time or find potential love interests, seniors are using social media to become digitally savvy, reach out to family and friends and empower themselves in case of medical emergencies.

Then, there are others such as Dancing Superstar Granny on YouTube and TikTok who are just having fun. They dance, share their recipes, knitting or take part in trending challenges. Take the case of my own grandmother for instance. She is grateful that I have introduced her to video calling and she can stay in touch with my cousins all across the country.

Social media has definitely added another dimension to the world of senior citizens and helped enhance the twilight years.

With a variety of platforms and apps ranging from online pharmacies, clinics, shopping, banks and financial services available at the tips of their fingers, seniors do not need to depend on others for anything. More power to them.

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