Like it or not, remote work has become the new normal as organizations struggle to come to terms with the dreaded coronavirus pandemic. While there are several advantages of working remotely such as no commute, working within the comforts of one’s own home, no managers breathing down one’s neck and no distractions from co-workers, there are many challenges associated with remote work.

  • Overthinking or OverWorking:

One does end up saving time and money by working from home, but there is a danger of work overtaking personal time. The lines between work and home become blurry because one is at home. One must invest the same time (that one did earlier) in personal growth, self-care and time with family and friends.

  • Have a schedule:

Making lists help. Have a task list for the day, in order of priority, and check off as you go along. This helps in organizing tasks and making sure you complete everything assigned to you and maintain some sort of discipline in the absence of an official setup.

  • Lack of interaction and Interruption:

Ironic as it might seem, both are big challenges. While you might feel that you are working in a vacuum without any human interaction (with co-workers), there are new distractions to deal with. Kids, pets, family members or even random doorbells and uninvited visitors. Make sure you have some noise cancellation headphones and a place where you can work in peace and quiet.

  • Technology Issues and Communication Gaps:

Make sure you communicate with your employers and colleagues as frequently as possible so that there are no gaps in understanding. Since one is reliant on technology, there might be some lags due to weak Wi-Fi or computer malfunctioning at the most inappropriate of times. Keep the lines of communication open, always.

  • Poor health habits:

Contrary to what one might have thought that being home would improve eating and sleeping habits, it is not really true. Being up all night on a Netflix binge or over-eating since you are at home might take a toll on your health. Be more mindful of when you work and how you eat what you eat. Take some time out for yoga or some other exercise.


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