Healthcare as an industry has been positively impacted by digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Applications & Robotics. A trillion-dollar industry has developed over home healthcare, hospital care, nursing homes & medications. According to the Future Health Index 2019, around 76% of healthcare specialists in India are already using digital health records in their practice. While there are concerns regarding data security in the healthcare space, the advances in the healthcare technology industry have been significant.

Applications such as Practo, NetMeds, Portea, MedGenome, Goqii, Attune, Lybrate, WelcomeCure, 1mg, Relisys allow patients to schedule a doctor’s appointment and purchase medications online. In fact, these applications also gather information and provide healthcare tips.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has helped transform the diagnosis and cure of multiple diseases. Through AI, machines can interpret patient data such as age, medical history, tests, medical images, DNA sequences & other treatment variables. Then, there are advances such as robotic surgeries among others.

Digital technologies can help healthcare in the following ways:

 24/7 Tracking

From heart rate monitoring to counting your steps, gadgets these days such as a smartwatch or medical wearable devices are connected to the smartphone and through the smartphone, the internet. All critical data related to health can be transmitted in real-time to the medical practitioner.

Improved Coordination

 Doctors or patients can create & manage digital medical history records & upload it on a google drive that will assist them to stay on the same page. A shared online history of medical appointments, visits, tests and medications can help in times of medical emergencies.

Patient Inclusion & Compliance

Healthcare professionals need to satisfy a patient’s concern & provide a remedy keeping their preferences in mind. Technology helps in being touch with their patients, offering them medical support 24/7.

Higher Awareness

Digitisation enables medical experts to reach out to their patients with authentic information, infusing social media channels with proper medical information, diets & exercises.

According to the survey, about half (49%) of Indians have indicated that they know nothing about the benefits of digital health technology or mobile health apps in healthcare. Clearly, India has a long way to go. Once education and information about the benefits of these technologies is provided, the country should be able to transition into a leading healthcare hub.


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