Winter is here and while that might mean cups of hot chocolate and napping under thick, comfortable mattresses for some of us, our canine companions are having a rather hard time dealing with the weather around the capital of our country. Stray dogs all around the city are scrambling for shelter, and despite the altruistic efforts of our community, there is still not enough being done to shield the poor dogs from the cold.

Animal shelters all around the region have made an effort to work longer hours in order to provide more dogs with food and shelter, although resources currently available are not enough for taking care of their needs. Because of this, our team at Digiqom decided to do our bit for our beloved animal comrades, and feed the dogs within the area. We even researched local dog shelters to see if we could make any contribution towards the wellness of the dogs given the current weather.

Some of the shelters we contacted included Friendicoes, People for Animals and Umeed for Animals Foundation. These shelters have a vast array of facilities intended to nurture and protect dogs besides basic amenities. Rehabilitation, vaccination and even burial services are arranged for dogs, and most important of all is that they seek to connect stray dogs with potential owners. This initiative is noble as well as beneficial to our community – some people might feel afraid of too many dogs around the streets, especially since the dogs would naturally be hostile due to the weather. Besides, it is the season of giving anyway so why not extend our love and warmth for each other to include dogs as well?

Since a few members of our team are extremely fond of dogs, we have even planned to get our own office dog! Most of our team members agree that it is important to adopt instead of “buy” a dog – there are plenty of homeless, vulnerable creatures who could really use a home during these harsh months, and those are exactly the kinds of animals who need help the most. By adopting and providing a shelter to dogs from around the city, not only would you help the community but also gain a companion who will love you selflessly.

While our dreams of owning a dog in the office are still on hold as some employees are scared of dogs (for some strange reason), the thought of having a furry friend in office brings us great joy. An initiative everyone agreed to, however, was to spread awareness about the uncomfortable living situations that dogs in the city are facing this season, so we have decided to feed one stray dog or contribute towards making them warm every time our post is shared by our audience – you folks! If you are interested in helping out, all you need to do is share our post with your friends and we will feed a stray dog on your behalf or contribute some funds to an animal shelter. So please spread the warmth this winter for our furry friends!













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