TikTok Boom

Since its launch, TikTok has grown exponentially and has been giving tough competition to other platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Last year, Facebook launched an app called Lasso in US, but it did not become as popular as TikTok.

The statistics for TikTok suggests that, in a period of 18 months, starting from January 2018 till August 2019, it has seen a tremendous increase of 30% downloads in Indian smartphones.

Any doubts that TikTok will be the platform to look forward to in the year 2020 and the reason for placed #1 on our list?

Social media wellness to become a priority

In recent times, we have become addicted to social media to such an extent that we actually need to take a digital detox from time to time.

Employees are required to be constantly connected with each other for work on social media which has an impact on their mental health. As a result, organizations will need to make sure that they help employees strike a balance between their online work and personal lives.

Growth of micro-influencers

When it comes to buying something new, be it a pair of jeans or your new car, influencers play a very big role in manipulating the buying the decisions of a customer.

Big brands have pushed their products on social media with the help of influencer marketing in 2019. Many big and small brands are promoting themselves with the help of micro-influencers and this trend is supposed to pick up in 2020.

According to a survey of 800 people across India,

  • 72% said that they would increase their budget for influencer marketing in 2020.
  • 75% see it as a top strategic priority in 2020

The emergence of virtual reality on social media

While virtual reality games made their presence felt over the last couple of years, more and more brands will focus on bringing virtual reality on to social media.

Imagine scrolling through your Facebook feed and coming across a post of a footwear brand. How awesome would it be if you can check if they stock your size or browse through their store with the help of virtual reality? Well, that possibility is not too far away.

Hike in Social Commerce

With the help of social media platforms, eCommerce apps and websites have gained a lot of traffic and it will only grow in the coming year.

According to a report, referrals to eCommerce sites through social media platforms has grown to 110% in the past 2 years.

Having said that, I think we will still have to wait for the day when we will be able to buy directly from social media.

What do you think? Write in to us if you can think of any other trends.

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